Royal Courts

Royal Courts



The Royal Courts Hotel was founded by the entrepreneur sisters Josephine and Alicia Lara Cuellar, in May 1947, the first hotel to be established in the north of Monterrey, on the highway to Laredo (now University Avenue). They, along with six other prominent local hotels, founded the Mexican Association of Hotels of Nuevo Leon.

Subsequently, it was acquired by the Lara Malo brothers in 1968. The hotel at that time had only 9 rooms and eight places to park "motor homes”. Mr. Gustavo Lara Malo took the hotel management in 1977 and throughout his management, he gradually modernized the hotel’s facilities and built it to its current size of 82 rooms. In 1993 the hotel joined the Best Western chain and has continued with it until today. Don Gustavo was in front of the Hotel until 2001 and from that date the third generation of the Lara family has taken over the hotel’s management.

Royal Courts is one of the oldest brands in Monterrey’s hospitality industry. Facing the challenges of the XXI century, the Best Western Royal Courts continues renewing itself in order to serve with the same spirit of its original founders, but offering the services and amenities required by today's traveler. In December of 2014, it was awarded with the PLUS certification, an award given by Best Western to the hotels that exceed the usual quality standards changing its brand name to Best Western Royal Courts. Currently, it has 82 rooms, 3 meeting rooms and a restaurant-bar. This upcoming 2017, the hotel will be 70 years old, after its foundation.

Our Mission

To always provide, the best service and quality through constancy, creating an atmosphere of comfort and safety in order for guests to relax and enjoy our facilities. To exceed customer expectations, causing the returning and recognition of our guests.

Our Vision

Through achieving the fulfillment of our mission and experiencing the values of the company, to become the leader hotel in the country’s north area. Furthermore, to continue updating the hotel to the limit of our forces.


  • SERVICE: We provide ourselves to others, because we have a genuine interest in our guests and friends.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We meet our family, work and social duties with excellence. We accept the consequences of our actions. We work with perseverance and we take care of every day little things. We perform our work now and without delay.
  • TEAMWORK: We work with our co-workers to meet the goals that we have been entrusted. We promote the spirit of fellowship and strive to have a bright and cheerful atmosphere.
  • PROFITABILITY: We are productive and efficient in managing the company’s time and resources. We take care of the hotel’s working tools and facilities.
  • HONESTY: We act with rectitude of mind and integrity at work.
  • JOY AND OPTIMISM: We maintain a pleasant and vibrant feeling within us and face the future with confidence. We keep our eyes open to reality in order to prepare for a better future.