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3 dishes can’t miss this Christmas

December 08, 2017

In the "Sultana del Norte", making roast beef every eight days is a tradition, so when we think about the Christmas dinner in Monterrey, only the delicious meat cuts come to our mind. But as a surprise, in this part of the northeast of the country other typical dishes are also made on this special night. Since in some houses, they prefer to rest from the roasted meats to only delight the palate with other very ad hoc options of this time.

Turkey The Christmas turkey is the most typical dish on December, and this dish can’t be missed at the Mexican tables, and in Monterrey it is not the exception. Although it is not originally from Mexico, the country has been given the perfect touch to become a tradition. This dish can take several hours for its preparation, since in some cases it is added white wine, beef and ground, walnuts, garlic, thyme, among other ingredients that go as a filling, which make its flavor unique.

Worn leg Also in the Christmas menu, is included the roasted leg, which takes up to 12 hours for its preparation, is prepared in the oven and marinated for hours with a mixture of cider, garlic and onion. Some people add prunes, almonds and cover it with pineapple slices. A delicious delicacy that can be accompanied with a mashed potato, Alfredo pasta or julienne of vegetables.

Tamales In Mexico, tamales can be tasted sweet or savory, however, in this area of the country it is not common to find sweet flavors, here are more typical chicken, beans, cheese or pork, which can be accompanied with a rich sauce, charro beans, guacamole or cream. The secret for a tamal to have a good flavor is in the quality of the dough, its ingredients and the filling.

To the menu, you can add one or another typical drink of this period such as punch, atole of different flavors or champurrado, as well as include the Christmas apple salad and donuts.

Do not forget the “reheated”, where the whole family will come together to share not only a delicious dish, but also pleasant moments.

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