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3 Pueblos Magicos Near Monterrey to Fall in Love With

August 16, 2018


In Mexico, we love our Pueblos Magicos! These are little “Magic Towns” that hold on to tradition despite the passage of time and modernity. They conserve their historical and cultural heritage, manifesting it through a great diversity of expressions.

The Pueblo Magico program was created by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism and not just any destination can achieve this classification.  Also, not all locations that have been recognized as a Pueblo Magico will remain as such forever. The villages that hold this title must work hard to preserve their attributes so as not to lose the designation.

Near Monterrey there are a few notable Pueblos Magicos that you can discover on a single round trip. From least to greatest distance from the royal capital, here are three:


Only 40 minutes away, the Pueblo Magico of Santiago is one of the best places to visit in Monterrey. It has a beautiful colonial charm with cobbled streets and fascinating architectural gems. It’s surrounded by beautiful natural scenery which makes it an excellent destination for adventure sports such as rappelling, mountain biking, spelunking and kayaking.

Parras de la Fuente

A little less than three hours is Parras de la Fuente, simply called "Parras", located in the state of Coahuila. An oasis in the middle of the desert, known for its quiet and rural environment, charming architecture and crystalline springs. It’s also famous for having one of the oldest vineyards in Latin America, so a wine tasting tour is a must in Parras.

Cuatro Ciénegas

Also located in Coahuila, images of Cuatro Ciénegas are known throughout Latin America and Mexico due to its breathtaking natural landscapes and diverse ecosystem. It has a protected natural area with natural pools of crystal clear water, rivers and springs. In addition to nature, here you’ll also find vineyards, wineries and a charming little town with picturesque colonial houses.

Cuatro Ciénegas is three and a half hours from Monterrey.

As you can see, Monterrey has a lot to offer both within the city, and in its immediate surroundings. We can assure you that a visit to any of these Pueblos Magicos will enchant you and leave you with very pleasant memories.

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Photo: México Desconocido