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4 Things to Do in Monterrey

November 27, 2016

Monterrey is full of things to discover, from historic buildings and museums to delicious restaurants and cafes; the Sultana del Norte has it all! That is why we share with you several places that cannot be missed during your visit to Monterrey.

Visit the 3 most emblematic museums of the city: Museum of Mexican Architecture, Northwest Museum and Palace Museum, all with incredible facilities which hold important national, regional and local heritage. The first two combine modern architecture with great technology, while the third one is housed in a neoclassical building that is worth looking at in detail.

Visit the Fountain of Life or Fountain of Neptune, located a few meters from the Macroplaza. The fountain is inspired by the Roman god of the seas accompanied by other monsters of this iconic mythology.

Visit The Macroplaza, a recreation site where you can feel the character of the city; it has museums, parks and buildings that make this place one of the most visited by locals and foreigners. Considered one of the largest public squares in the world, it offers a night show like no other; the Lighthouse of Commerce is turned on at night, this construction of 70 meters high has a laser light at its highest point, which can be observed from several points of the city.

Tour every corner of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey. Also, known as MARCO, it is one of the most important artistic venues in the country, it focuses on showing art from all over the world, from Latin American to European exhibitors. This building with a contemporary facade, is located a few steps from the Macroplaza.

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Picture: Wikipedia