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5 Tips to Improve your Business Travels

March 16, 2017

If you are planning a business trip to Monterrey, we recommend 5 things you can do to make your trip to this city even more productive and anjoyable.

1. Organize yourself with time

Although business trips sometimes are not planned, the best thing to do is be well prepared. Take your time to organize the meetings and appointments you need to attend. If it is a conference, read about the subjects and speakers. It will be easier for you to buy flights in advance to ensure you arrive on time for meetings with spare time.

2. Take advantage of downtime

Waiting times at the airport or during a flight are very useful to organize your schedule, send emails and follow up on the work that stays in the office while you are out. Bring practical tolos to do this like a Tablet or laptop. Do not forget to carry a lightweight suitcase, this will help you speed up your outings.

3. Know the market

Monterrey is one of the best cities in Mexico to do business thanks to its excellent industrial infrastructure. Its geographical location is perfect for the international business, reason why many foreigners travel to this city to undertake new businesses. If you are going to spend several days here, take advantage and make new contacts, as well as to see everything that this city has to offer at a business level. In can be of much help to grow your business in the future.

4. Use Loyalty Programs

This kind of programs can be found in Airlines and credit card companies, and can be very helpful to save on your travels if you do it regularly. Every day there are more Airlines that have this service so you can choose the one that suits you better.

5. Do not forget to have a good time

It is always good to leave a few hours on your schedule to get to know the city and relax after your meetings. Monterrey has a variety of parks, malls, and museums to have a nice time.

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