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6 practical apps to plan your next trip

July 21, 2017

If you are a travel lover, one of those who always have in mind the next destination, then it’s time to get ready and start planning the next adventure, or if you are used to travel frequently due to work or business, these recommendations will come in handy too.

Planning a new trip is always fun; choosing the destination, the dates, the company and the activities you want to do is very exciting. Once you’ve decided where to go, when and with whom, it’s time to get organized. Even when being spontaneous when traveling is part of the magic, it is always better to be prepared with a daily itinerary to seize the time to the fullest; a sort of a guide with details like: schedules, estimated costs of hotels, transportation, food and drinks, tickets to museums, parks or other activities.

In order to know and calculate this kind of things, and of course doing it easily, there are some websites and apps that, besides being useful and user-friendly, will also help you save money.

Here we share a list of apps and websites that will help you plan your next trip.


Either in the app or their website, they have offers and packages that include flight and hotel, as well as excellent promotions for their members. You earn points for each booking, which will get you amazing rewards.


This website will help to find the best flight and hotel fares, plus you can turn on alarms to receive email notifications when the flights or hotels you are looking for lower their prices.


If you are looking for cheap flights, this is the best option. As its name says, this tool does a sweep of dozens of websites of airlines and travel agencies to bring you the best flight. You can filter by price, departure time or airline, and once you choose your flight, it immediately sends you to the web where the offer was found to purchase it.

Google Maps

They say that getting lost is a way to find ourselves, but when that happens, Google Maps

will save you. You only need to enter the place you want to go to, it can be a restaurant, a store, hotel or any kind of establishment, and Google Maps will tell you which route is easier, how long it will take, and even how much will it cost.

Pack Point

It is one of the most useful apps, as it will help you know what to pack according to your trip dates, the weather at your destination and the activities you've planned during your stay. You just have to enter if you’re a man or a woman, where are you going, how long will you stay there and what you’ve planned to do, and immediately it will give you a list with everything you’ll need, so by the time you are packing, just check what you've already put in the suitcase.


Once you’ve made it to your destination, this app will be very handful, as it will help you checking the weather easily and accurately. Don't forget to check it everyday before leaving the hotel!

With these apps and tools you will be more than ready for your next trip, either it’s for business or pleasure. Don’t forget to visit as well the Best Western Plus Royal Courts website, where you will find excellent rates and special offers, its comfortable rooms are ideal for relaxing after a busy day full of activities around the city of Monterrey.