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A day in Santiago, Nuevo León

April 30, 2018

Discover the many reasons why Santiago is an unmissable stop during your next trip to Northern Mexico. Discover many exciting things to do in Santiago while immersing yourself in the remarkable valleys and mountains in this Pueblo Magico.

Santiago, in the state of Nuevo Leon, is the closest Pueblo Magico to the city of Monterrey, where you there are so many adventurous things to do, such as horseback riding to the La Boca Dam or enjoying the impressive views of the thundering waterfalls at the wells of the Chipitín. If you prefer activities and things to do that push your limits a little more, visit the small town of Potrero Redondo and walk into the mouth of a cave tucked into the mountainside.

Originally, the lands of Potrero Redondo located in Santiago were inhabited by numerous nomadic tribes. They found shelter and accommodation thanks to the bountiful resources of the area, in what is now known as: La Boca Dam, Chipitín wells and in the La Boca cave area.

Discover exciting things to do in Santiago and experience the regional cultural delights near Monterrey, Mexico. Among the most famous things to do in Santiago are to enjoy the festivities of the harvest season of the apple tree. This celebration takes place annually, beginning in the month of July, and ending in September each year.

If your passion is adventure eco-tourism, you can’t miss the opportunity to tour the Cueva de la Boca. Home to a population of six different species of bats, totaling over 5 million bats! Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Potrero Redondo and descend to the waterfalls of Chipitín wells.

Delight your senses in each one of these exciting things to do in Santiago, Nuevo León. Experience savory cuisine, see the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind landscapes, and experience some of the most beautiful sunsets in the valley from the Presa la Boca to as far as the eye can see.

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