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Alpha planetary: a trip by The stars

January 16, 2017

In addition to its magnificent gastronomy and its emblematic places, Monterrey is also a city where you can do new and different activities, including: enjoy a fascinating visual tour of the planets closest to the Earth and the constellations.

Would you like to have this experience? Come to the Alpha Planetarium, a science and technology museum where children and young people learn about space in a fun way, but it’s not only a place for the little ones in the family, adults can also learn about the universe and spend a night admiring the stars.

The Observatory of the Alfa Planetarium, considered the largest public observatory in northeastern Mexico, has two large telescopes from you can see the Sun, the Moon and some planets like Mars and Venus. In addition, you can enjoy “The Space Thursdays”, whit a projection of the Cosmos series, followed by a talk about the Universe, given by the architect Pablo Lonnie Pacheco, member of the astronomical society of the Alpha Planetarium.

The schedule for this activity is from 8 pm to 10 pm and costs $50 pesos per person.

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Photo credit: México Desconocido.