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Best restaurants for doing business in Monterrey

November 09, 2017

There’s a Mexican saying that goes “a barriga llena, corazón contento”, which literally means “full belly, happy heart”, and to this we could probably add “y trato hecho” (and deal done). Nothing could be truer, business are done better with a good meal on the table, and this is why we want to share with you our top recommendations of restaurants for doing business in Monterrey. Believe it or not, the choice of the place where you’ll eat with your potential client or business partner can be crucial to close the deal you are looking for.

El Gran Pastor

With a casual and familiar atmosphere, El Gran Pastor is known as one of the best restaurants in Monterrey to eat cabrito, the most traditional dish in the city. Here you’ll also find a good variety of meat cuts and other delicacies of the region. Whether you want to close a business deal in the morning, afternoon or evening, this restaurant and its impeccable service will go beyond your expectations. Address: Av. Gonzalitos #702, Monterrey.


For a more exclusive meal, Pangea is the best option in town. It’s been named on several occasions as one of the best restaurants in all of Latin America by the renowned list “The World’s 50 Best”. Its atmosphere is chic, and its author cuisine fuses national and international flavors creating extraordinary dishes. It also has an outstanding wine list that, for many connoisseurs, is the best in the city. For all these reasons, Pangea has become one of the best places to do business in Monterrey. Address: Av. Bosques del Valle #110-B, San Pedro Garza García.

La Nacional

Cantinas have always been excellent spots to close business. Their friendly and fun atmosphere makes all diners relax and only dedicate themselves to enjoy. La Nacional is a fine cantina with an excellent cuisine of authentic Mexican food and a great variety of drinks to toast after a successful deal. Being in Monterrey, of course, the king of the menu is the meat, but you’ll also find delicious seafood dishes, stews and mouthwatering desserts. Address (two restaurants): Av. San Jerónimo #1106, Monterrey | Av. Francisco I. Madero #1160, Monterrey

Los Hidalgos

An elegant Mexican grill located in the exclusive area of San Pedro Garza García can also be the perfect setting for doing business. Its atmosphere is relaxed, its cuisine excellent and the extraordinary service of the waiters will make the tequilas keep coming to the table. Address: Av. Lázaro Cárdenas #2660, San Pedro Garza García.

If you visit Monterrey for business, follow our recommendations, you’ll be very pleased. Also, consider as a lodging option Best Western Plus Royal Courts, a hotel that will provide the best facilities to prepare for your business meetings, in an excellent location. Book online today at

Photo: Facebook/La Nacional