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Celebrate Candelaria Day in Monterrey

January 12, 2018

Christmas has already passed, the New Year's Eve party and the Three Wise Men's Day, however, meetings with loved ones are not over yet. That's right, and it is still missing the day of the tamaliza, which must pay some other family member or friend, who took the child out of the Rosca de Reyes.

This day, February 2nd and Candlemas Day, according to the Catholic Church, is the end of the quarantine of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the Child Jesus, which is the culmination of December dates. This day it is customary to raise the Child God from the manger and dress it for Lent, Ash Wednesday and end at Holy Week.

On this important date, in some states of Mexico, the child God is dressed to take him to mass, and then place him in a place, where he will be throughout the year.

During the celebration, dozens of people across the country tend to eat tamales. This tradition is a mixture between the prehispanic and catholic because, just as the presentation of the child God is celebrated, the Aztecs on their first day of the year commemorated their Gods with offerings and tamales made of corn.

This gastronomic dish, besides being made from corn, is filled with different ingredients such as beans, pine nuts, chicken, meat, among others. It is wrapped and cooked in a package of milpa leaves, plantain or even chilaca. It all depends on which city of the Mexico you are.

We recommend you visit the city of Monterrey at this time. In the Sultana del Norte you will find a wide variety of dishes, where you can taste very thin tamales with beans, chicken, pork, cheese or meat, or if you prefer larger tamales, you should look for the famous "borrachitos". The difference is that they have more mass and can be sweet or salty.

Do not forget to accompany the delicious tamales with a delicious chocolate or atole, which you can enjoy in some corner of the city after visiting the most emblematic places of the state.

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Photo: Marinter