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Cocktails to cool off this spring

March 13, 2017

After a long day of work full of meetings, there is nothing like relaxing with a refreshing cocktail. Now that spring is here and the heat is on, it is a good time to enjoy a seasonal drink with fresh fruit, herbs or any other ingredient you like. There are many combinations that can be prepared, either to enjoy with lunch or to indulge in a bar. Here we present you 4 options that you will for sure enjoy:

Watermelon Mojito

The best of this time of the year is that there is a large variety of seasonal fruits, one of them is watermelon. If you like sweets, the watermelon mojito is a great option since besides its nice flavor, its texture is very refreshing. This drink is prepared with watermelon, mint leafs, sugar, lime juice, rum, and lime soda. If you prefer it can be prepared with another more citric fruit like strawberries or mango.

Basil and lime Martini

Martinis are always in fashion, its original preparation is with gin, a Little vermouth, and an olive, although now a days there are many new combinations. If you want to try a different option of this drink, try this combination with orange liqueur, orange juice, vodka, vermouth, basil, lime and sugar. Order it cold with a lemon slice.

Spring Fling

This drink was created especially for spring and it is ideal for those who prefer something stronger, with citric and sweet touches. It is prepared with orange juice, pineapple juice, White tequila, Triple Sec liqueur, and a slice of lime. If you like tequila over other liqueurs, you will for sure enjoy this cocktail.

Gin Fizz

Continuing with the acid but less sweet flavors, you will find this drink that combines the touch of gin with the taste of lemon. Although there are some variations to this drink, its original preparation is with gin, lemon juice, soda and sugar.

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Photo by: Oxefruit