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Cuisine in Monterrey: The Best food for Foodie Travelers

June 22, 2018

Monterrey is a city that has it all: history, art, culture, natural beauty, entertainment, business and a delicious typical cuisine that brings a smile to the face of each person who tries it.

The cuisine in Monterrey is distinguished by the reliance on beef, goat and pork. This is due to the fact that cattle ranching was first developed in the state of Nuevo León before agriculture. So, the roots of the meat industry in Monterrey grow deep in the culture. 

If you’re thinking about eating rich and trying some of the exquisite cuisine in Monterrey, these are the typical dishes that you can’t miss in your next visit:

Cabrito in Monterrey

Cabrito is the quintessential dish of Monterrey, you can eat it roasted or al pastor. This dish is made of goat meat cooked on the coals. Cabrito has a very special flavor because it is bathed with a seasoning sauce that can be prepared in different ways, but the most traditional version is made with lemon juice, chopped garlic, onion, pepper, salt and sugar. Cabrito is usually accompanied with beans and tortillas.


Machaca is eaten primarily with eggs, so it’s the dish that should not be lost at breakfast time. It consists of roast beef dried in the sun and crushed, which is stirred with egg and hot sauce. It is accompanied with wheat flour tortillas.

Frijoles con Veneno

The literal translation of this plate is “Beans with Poison” but don’t be scared, this is the best companion for any dish in Monterrey. This plate has a very curious name, but there’s no need to worry, it’s just the Mexican version of Pork n’ Beans (with a little added guajillo chili, broad chili, tomato sauce and seasoned with different spices). In addition to using this dish as an accompaniment, it can be eaten as soup or entrée as well.


Although Glorías can be found in many regions of Mexico, they are still typical of Nuevo León. Glorías are prepared with burnt goat's milk, sugar, walnut and vanilla, among other ingredients.

Monterrey gastronomy is truly delicious, so whether you consider yourself a “Foodie” or not, you can’t pass up these typical Monterrey dishes on your next visit, we know you’re sure to love them as we do. For your lodging, don’t hesitate to choose Best Western Plus Royal Courts, we’ll be your perfect ally to have an excellent stay Monterrey, Mexico. We’re located a few kilometers north of the city center and we have spacious and comfortable rooms, a sparkling pool so you can cool off from the Monterrey heat, and a restaurant with breakfast and dinner service.

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Photo: Regia Guide