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Día del Niño in Monterrey

April 06, 2018

So many adults forget the date of Día del Niño as their adult responsibilities and schedules and busy lives increase year after year. In this way, the true meaning of the child's day can be lost. The idea behind Día del Niño in Latin America is understanding childhood and promoting kids activities that generate a childlike spirit in all of us and well-being for our kids.

The date of the Día del Niño celebration differs based on the country, but we celebrate it every year at the end of April, here in Mexico. In April each year, we enjoy endless kids’ activities and childlike experiences, honoring and bringing joy to the kids in our homes. In Monterrey, children and their families flood the streets of the city with smiles and screeches of delight while promoting everything: kids!

Things to do for Día del Niño in Monterrey, Mexico

Día del Niño in Monterrey is a celebration that fills the city with colors and activities for the whole family. Within the historical center of the city, there are a large number of parks and museums created specifically to celebrate Día del Niño.

A celebration for the kids and of the kids can be one of the perfect pretexts to make a visit to the zoo in Monterrey. The zoo is a natural space and a fresh environment to enjoy areas such as the herpetarium or the flight cage. Celebrating Día del Niño at the zoo also offers several exhibits that include the over 100 species and more than 600 animals.

Another activity in Monterrey that’s perfect for kids and families is a visit to the Sesame Street Amusement Park, located just 10 minutes from the Best Western Royal Courts Hotel, a place where Día del Niño will undoubtedly be an unforgettable learning experience for the entire family.

Are you making a trip to Monterrey soon? Book your room online today and enjoy all that Monterrey has to offer on Día del Niño. Enjoy a delicious meal and the a gorgeous sunsets while playing games with your kids in our beautiful pool.

You can fully enjoy the activities and events in Monterrey, Mexico during Día del Niño when you stay at the Best Western Royal Courts Hotel. You’ll have close access to all of the important things to do since the Best Western Royal Courts is located just a few blocks from the historic city center. We’ll see you and your kids soon in Monterrey!