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Don’t forget a thing! Preparing for Christmas Vacation

October 25, 2018


Christmas vacation is close at hand and with this exciting holiday and break from work opens up the possibility of a family trip to a new place! This important time of year is a great time to get out of the house and the time has comet to start your Christmas vacation so that you don’t overlook any details.

Here’s a list of Christmas Vacation tips to follow while you plan your holidays. 


Christmas Presents

Deciding whether to pack Christmas gifts for the trip or to open them early is a big decision - especially if you have kids! Families with kids usually prefer to bring the Christmas gifts on vacation so as not to lose the magic of the holiday. If you plan to bring them, make sure the hide them well or wrap them before you go!


Special Christmas Dinner Clothes

Are you planning a fancy Christmas dinner while you’re away from home? Pack a special outfit or party dress for that special occasion.  


Things to do for Christmas in Monterrey

Christmas holidays are different than any other time of the year - it doesn’t matter where you to, it’s always a good idea to look up the best things to do in the destination you’re visiting so that you can enjoy the destination while not losing the holiday cheer. We have several posts about the best things to do in Monterrey and they get even better during Christmas - you can’t miss them!


Pack for the Weather

Make sure to check the weather before you pack so you are prepared if your destination is abnormally cold or warmer than usual. It’s common to have cold in mind since it’s the Christmas holidays, but you can be surprised by some destinations and end up having a very warm Christmas. Make sure to check the weather before you go. 

Feel free to use this blog as a checklist so that you don’t overlook any of the important details that will make your Christmas vacation in Monterrey unforgettable (in a good way). 

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Photo: The Confidential