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Everything you need to know about Cabrito

February 14, 2017

Cabrito is a typical dish from the state of Nuevo León, made with goat calf. It is prepared on the grill and although there are different ways of cooking it, it’s a dish that has passed from generation to generation and locals have not stopped preparing and enjoying.

If you go to a restaurant and do not know how to order it, here we explain what each preparation consists on.

Riñonada: Which refers to the kidneys. It’s the part of the cabrito that has the kidneys and is characterized for having more fat than the rest of the cuts.

Cabecita: It’s the part of the head used for tacos. It is one of the tastiest ones.

Fritada: It is said that the fritada has a Spanish heritage and comes from a dish from Extremadura called chanfaina. It consists on a goat broth cooked in its own blood with bell peppers, onions and spices.

Machitos: Just like the fritada, this preparation comes from a dish called zarajo from Castilla, Spain. It is a roast with all the insides of the cabrito wrapped in its entrails.

Cabrito al pastor: This is a dish very typical from Nuevo León, prepared on a pit with serrano chili peppers, beer, and spices. Its flavor is very particular since it’s soft inside and crunchy outside. It is served with tortillas and spicy salsa.

You will find a variety of ways of cooking it depending on the restaurant, but whatever your choice is we assure you that Cabrito from Nuevo León is a dish that you will enjoy without a doubt.

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Photo by: El Pipiripau