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How to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Monterrey

October 06, 2017

This November, in the city of Monterrey, join to celebrate one of the most significant displays of Mexican folklore and culture.

The Day of the Dead is one of the most representative celebrations of Mexico which emerges as a sample of the fusion of the beliefs and customs of New Spain Christianity and the rituals of pre-Hispanic cultures. It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, which are dedicated to remember and honor the memory of those family and friends who are no longer among us.

And to celebrate death as only Mexicans know how to do it, there are different ways, so here we will show you how it is that the regios celebrate the Day of the Dead in Monterrey.

Altar of the dead

The tradition in the homes of the Mexican families is to mount altars of the dead, where the favorite dishes and drinks of the deceased are placed as an offering, as well as photographs, candles and toys for the children, the day of the dead altar is adorned with flowers of cempasúchil to receive the souls of the deceased upon their return home. In Monterrey samples of offerings and altars are made in places such as the Museum of Mexican History, the Government Palace of Nuevo Leon and the Faculty of Nursing.

Dead Bread

The dead bread is typical of these dates and is a round piece of bread covered with sugar and a pair of cross strips simulating bones, a Mexican delight that is part of the altars and that the alive enjoy with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. In Monterrey, the traditional bakeries begin selling the Dead Bread a few weeks before November to delight families and welcome those who come to visit.

Literary skulls

The Mexican humor is very peculiar and its artistic expressions are proof of it. During the celebrations of the Day of the Dead, in the city of Monterrey contests of literary skulls are held. Literary skulls are rhyme verses that irony in an amusing and irreverent way the situations and characteristics of the people; they can be about popular characters or relatives and friends.

La Catrina

It is common to see literary skulls accompanied by drawings and one of the most popular is La Catrina. Work created by José Guadalupe Posada and baptized by the muralist Diego Rivera. La Catrina is a skull dressed in an elegant outfit and a stole of feathers. La Catrina is a representation of death in any social class.

Paper skulls

In much of the schools of the city of Monterrey it is used that children to decorate paper skulls. Unleashing their creativity and with different materials, the children decorate each skull with elements full of color. In the Museum of the Government Palace of the state of Nuevo Leon, contests and workshops are organized where children make masks and decorate figures of La Catrina.

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