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How to start a business in Monterrey

January 18, 2018

If you are thinking of starting a business or creating your own business, Monterrey, Nuevo León, is the ideal city to do so.

The Sultana del Norte, according to ProMéxico, is considered as the municipality with the best economic level in the country and, as if that were not enough, it is also ranked within the top ten places in Latin America as an Intelligent City, according to Cities in Motion.

Nuevo Leon, a state located in the northeast of Mexico, is characterized by its industrial diversity, since it houses a large number of foreign companies such as: car assemblers, white goods factories, cement factories, among many others. The business opportunities in Monterrey are innumerable, especially in the real estate sector, since each year more than 100 thousand square meters are built throughout the metropolitan area. So putting your own Real Estate company or a Construction company can be an excellent option.

It is also worth investing in franchises in Monterrey, since in 2016, according to the Mexican Franchise Association, more than a thousand companies of this format were installed in the entity. In addition, Monterrey is considered the third producer of franchises nationwide. Chains of food, drinks, health and endless turns are those you can find in the City of Mountains, so your options are innumerable. It is worth mentioning that franchises are the most important type of business in the world, since it is estimated that every two minutes one opens.

Currently, there are many business formats that range from the traditional to the most modern. What do we mean by this, that companies have evolved so much thanks to the technology that a company can handle from the comfort of their home or in an established place. Either of these options are valid, as long as you have all the attitude and a great vision of your next business life.

On the other hand, today startup companies have positioned themselves as very attractive businesses and in Nuevo Leon they have not been the exception, since the regal municipality has been characterized for having the best creators of this type of advanced technology companies in Mexico. So, if you are looking for an innovative, creative and technological business, the creation of a startup company could be a good alternative for you. In the city you will find companies and people trained in the subject.

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