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How to travel by plain with children

April 21, 2017

Traveling with children on the plane can be a challenge for both you and the people who are sitting around you, but it is not an impossible task if you prepare a few days before the trip. Here are some tips to keep your kids calm during your flight and make your trip more comfortable.

1. Explain the rules

Before flying, prepare them for what they are going to live, a good way to do it is to practice at home as if it were a game where your child has to go to his seat with the belt fastened and follow the instructions of the pilot and the flight attendants. Talk about the flight as a fun trip where you can see the city from the sky and clouds.

2. Play with them

Do not forget to bring material to play with them like coloring books, stuffed animals, videogames or even their favorite movies in an iPad or laptop. With this they will be entertained a long time.

3. Do not forget about other passengers

If others know how difficult it is to entertain a child or baby on a plane, they will surely have a little more patience with both you and your child. A good way to include them is to give them a little candy with a message like: “It’s my first flight with my baby, thank you for your patience and I’m very sorry if this causes any inconvenience”. With this we assure you that at least you’ll break the ice and somebody might offer to help you.

4. Give him a break

Being in such a small place can be claustrophobic, especially if you are traveling with a baby that is out of his environment. A good tip if to lift him above your head so it relaxes your arms and muscles. If you can stand for a moment and walk down the aisle with him, it will distract him, although you should only do so when you are allowed.

5. Take them to the bathroom before take off

It certainly seems like a very obvious tip, but we assure you that it will save you a lot of hassle during your flight, even more if your seats are located far from the bathroom. Also avoid them from having lots of liquids before the take-off or eating too many sweets, remember that extra sugar gives them lots of energy and it will be almost impossible for them to stay still.

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Photo by: Skyscanner