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Las Glorias: Monterrey classic candy

June 30, 2017

Surely you’ve seen many times these red wrapped sweets named “Las Glorias” in airports, souvenir stores or typical local markets, but do you really know where does this traditional candy comes from?

It’s been told that on 1932 in Linares, a little town close to Nuevo León, both Natalia Medina Núñez and Melesio Pérez started a business selling candy made with goat milk and other local products. A few years after, Natalia decided to leave the business and starting on her own creating a new product calling it “Las Glorias”, a little sweet treat made with goat milk, cow milk and sugar. It became famous and nowadays it’s still sold and enjoyed all throughout Mexico.

Its preparation process is quite artisanal, to make this delight, 70 liters of cow's milk and goat's milk are boiled in large pots of copper. Once the milk is reduced, sugar and spices such as vanilla and cinnamon are added, resulting in a mixture that stretches and feels like a chewing gum.

The name “Las Glorias” comes from Doña Natalia’s grand daughter, although it is also said that its buyers were so delighted with this sweet that they said that "it tasted like glory".

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Photo by: Directo al Paladar México