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Mexico's richest city is also the safest

March 21, 2018

Can you guess the richest city in Latin America? Believe it or not, it’s in Mexico! San Pedro Garza García is a suburb of Monterrey in the beautiful state of Nuevo Leon. San Pedro Garza García is part of the Monterrey metropolitan area that sits at the foot of the sprawling Sierra Madre.

In this suburb, 80 percent of the population has the highest resources in not only the entirety of Mexico, but also of Latin America. According to the Standard & Poor index, it has the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of $25,636 USD.

This beautiful municipality is also recognized as the safest city in Mexico with the lowest rates of vehicle thefts, homicides and kidnappings, according to the State Attorney General's Office. This is reflected in the influx of people who freely roam its streets, its haute cuisine restaurants, numerous upscale bars, open and public family spaces such as Calzada del Valle, are just some of the things to do in Monterrey.

One of the possible factors to makes San Pedro Garza García the safest city in Mexico is education. The average citizen in this Monterrey suburb has a higher level graduate degree and has a job in upper management positions working for some of the largest industries in the country. This could explain why Monterrey is not only one of the richest cities in Mexico but it’s also one of the safest places to visit in Mexico. The streets are clean and orderly streets, surrounded by large residences and shopping centers. There are quiet spaces where its more than 125,000 inhabitants live day by day.

Another explanation this interesting fact is its police force, which has invested on a large scale in equipment and a robust staff with positions that are paid above the average recommended by the UN, according to its mayor, Ing. Mauricio Fernández Garza. Thanks to these efforts, there is a rapid response and mobilization of large transnational groups that invest in this city which has allowed accelerated economic and real estate growth. This can be corroborated in the various alternatives and opportunities that the city offers.

On Sundays you can visit, "San Pedro de Pinta", one of the most loved Sunday walks of the sampetrinos, visited each week by more than 10,000 people. In this way, the richest and safest city in Mexico not only increases in economic and commercial growth, but also for maintaining the social and cultural aspects that have characterized the city historically.

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