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Monterrey: The Perfect Memorial Weekend Getaway

May 14, 2018

Enjoy an unforgettable experience during your weekend getaway to Monterrey, you’ll want to have time to do all the activities and visit as many tourist locations as possible. A long weekend is the ideal pretext that’ll allow you the time to fully enjoy your visit to Monterrey.

This May, Memorial Day falls on May 28, the last Monday of the month and it’s the perfect time to get away for a few days and enjoy all that Monterrey, Mexico has to offer.

Memorial Day, is a national holiday in the United States where a tribute is paid to all the American Soldiers who’ve fought from the American Revolution of 1776 to the most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

This isn’t the only celebration that is celebrated at the end of May, since in Mexico we also have a national holiday on May 28: Labor Day! Which gives both countries a much-deserved day off and long weekend - perfect for a Monterrey getaway. 

Visiting Monterrey on your Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend will allow you to enjoy the historic city center with its stories and legends, while discovering and enjoying the most exclusive culinary corners. Enjoy the traditions that will turn your vacation to Monterrey into your favorite destination.

Get out of the routine this Memorial Day and enjoy the long weekend in the heart of a cultural jewel of Mexico. And Don’t forget the most important part of your trip - where to stay! Enjoy the facilities of the Best Western Royal Courts located just ten minutes from Monterrey where you’ll enjoy all of the tourist attractions of the city.

Book now on our website and book your stay for the Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend of May 28, 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity to tour the Monterrey in the quiet atmosphere that is generated by being a long weekend. Enjoy the sunset from our relaxing pool and end your day with the incredible cuisine that awaits you at our restaurant.