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Monterrey VS CDMX to do business

January 31, 2018

According to the Doing Business 2017 study, the World Bank, Monterrey and Mexico City are the best cities in the country to do business. However, each one has its pros and cons when establishing any type of company.

So, if you are thinking about where to do a business, but are still hesitant to know which city would be best to do it, we give you some tips that can guide you to the headquarters of your next company.

At the time of registering your property, in Mexico City you will have to do eight procedures and it will take an average of 46 days to complete it. However, in the Sultana del Norte only six procedures in 23 days. Another important point to establish a business is access to an electricity network. If you do not, it will be almost impossible to start operations anywhere. Take into account that in Mexico City the entire documentation and installation process can be done in 112 days, while in the City of Mountains, in 44 days.

Although Mexico City is at a privileged point because it is surrounded by several important municipalities with an endless production of products, the Sultana del Norte has an excellent geographical location, because it is close to the border with the United States. that will help you to have a business with an international vision since this place is more attractive for foreign investors. However, if you are looking to export in both states, it is the same process and the time is the same.

If we talk about transfer, maybe in Monterrey will travel the same kilometers as in the country's capital, but with less traffic. So if you move from one place to another, you can save time and money in the city of Monterrey.

It is worth mentioning that Nuevo León is characterized as an industrial state and ten of the twenty leading companies in Mexico are in Monterrey. It is worth investing in this region, since it is a key point for investors around the world.

Now that the differences between one city and another, we invite you to visit the city of the mountains. We know that time is important for you, so at Best Western Plus Royal Courts you can stay very close to the historic center, as well as hold business meetings in its exclusive rooms for business people.

Photo: ElHorizonte