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Recommendations for traveling by car

March 24, 2017

If you are already planning your Easter vacation and want to travel by car, here are some recommendations you should have in mind before the road trip.

Check your car

It seems like a very obvious tip but the slightest mishap can ruin your trip. Be sure to check the tire pressure, brake fluid, antifreeze, and all levels so you do not get any surprises along the way. It would be best if you take it to a mechanic shop a few days before departure, and of course do not forget to load gas before taking the road.

Define the best route

Often we depart on time to avoid traffic jams and on the first detour we get completely lost. So in order for this not to happen, start planning your route days before, there are many apps that can help you find the best route to get there in the shortest time. If you are going on a long trip, remember to take breaks at least every two to three hours.

Travel light and safe

There is no point in carrying the entire closet if you are only going for a few days. It is proven that excess baggage reduces the speed of the car in addition to increasing fuel consumption. So the less weight, the better. As for your safety, we recommend checking the speed limit of each road as well as being cautious when driving. If you are traveling with children, use child lock on doors and windows as well as safety seats.

Do not forget the most important items

The phone charger is one of the objects we often forget and that is very necessary for trips. If you are too busy to make a list of things to take, a good option is to put a reminder on your phone for the day before about things you don’t want to forget, from speakers and selfie sticks, to your razor or sun block.

Leave on time

As previously mentioned, anticipating your trip is best to elude setbacks. Also, you can avoid many hours of traffic and enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by Mexico.

One of the easiest destinations to get to by road is Monterrey. If you still have not visited this beautiful city, we invite you to enjoy it since it has everything needed for an unbeatable vacation. And if you want to stay in a comfortable and friendly hotel, we recommend to stay at Best Western Plus Royal Courts Monterrey with excellent Easter rates.

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