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The best places to go cycling in Monterrey

June 10, 2017

Besides to be a business city, Monterrey is as well a sporty one, where many disciplines are practiced everyday. One of them, which in the past few years has grown in the state of Nuevo León is cycling. And thanks to its boom there are now specialized places where to practice it.

There are three types of cycling than can be practiced in the city and its surroundings: mountain, road cycling and BMX. Mountain cycling is pretty interesting, as it allows its practitioners to get to know new places while walking paths, new trails and natural circuits with steep slopes and fun descents. Some of the favorite places for riders are La Huasteca, Chipinque and the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Another of the variants of cycling and one of the funniest is road cycling, which can be practiced on any type of track; due to not requiring more training, anyone can perform this type of cycling. In Monterrey you could find the perfect places to make your cycling day something incredible like Parque Fundidora or Parque Niños Héroes, where you can enjoy the amazing landscapes and why not? make a pause and stop to capture some spectacular pictures.

If you are more adventurous, BMX cycling is for you, this kind of cycling is recognized for being so much fun, however as it is an extreme activity, it requires of a complete safety gear like knee pads and elbow pads, helmet, gloves, special footwear and of course a safe and equipped bicycle to overcome the obstacles of any route. If you are in town and willing to experience the adrenaline of BMX cycling in Nuevo León, in Parque Niños Héroes you will be able to practice in its special beginner track, as well as in the municipality of Escobedo, where there is also a track for this discipline.

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