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The Dogos of Monterrey

February 10, 2017

The city of Monterrey has excellent restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious dishes of all kinds; from the classic machaca and carne asada to seafood and gourmet dishes, but there is a particular delight that no local or visitor can resist: the famous hot dogs known as “Dogos”.

This Street craving is very easy to find. In different locations in the city you can see street cars that go out at night to delight the most party people looking for a snack after the party, or simply those who want something different but very tasty for dinner. But what is so special about them?


One on the main characteristics of the Dogo is its jumbo size, it’s well-known that the larger and most seasoned, the better. Make sure you are very hungry when you taste this overflowing delight.


The particularity of this Dogos is their seasoned flavor with a touch of spice. Each street car has its special touch, for example, Checo Dogos invented a seasoning called “The Poison” which is a bacon, onion, garlic, and bell pepper topping. A whole world of flavors in one bite.

They are never out of style

Many hot dog establishments have been in the city since the 80’s and although today you can find a lot more options around the city, this dish never fails to delight the inhabitants of Monterrey.

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Photo by: El Norte