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Tips to know how to close a business

October 24, 2017

In Mexico there are more and more people who decide to undertake, facing every day to great challenges, how to get investors and customers.

A very important aspect that we must take into account is the negotiation, because it will become an activity that we will carry out every day and for almost any issue. And just as it is necessary to know some negotiation techniques, it is also important to know which are the ideal places to close a deal. And in a city like Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo Léon, being one of the cities with the highest industrial growth and the best economic development in the country, you will find the precise places to carry out a successful negotiation.

In this post we will share with you tips on how to close a successful business, the ideal places to do it in the city of Monterrey.


Before entering fully into the negotiation it is important to be prepared, that is why it is necessary to thoroughly investigate our client. Know what your needs are so you can prepare a solid speech before the appointment. Use all possible means; research on the Internet, on your social networks, your network of contacts and acquaintances. This will help you to be much safer and more than a supplier, your client will see you as a partner.

Listen out

Do not fall into the trap of talking about yourself or your company before listening to your interlocutor. Take into account what your prospect has to say, as this will give you the information that will allow you to present a better proposal.

Know your product

In addition to knowing perfectly the product, service or proposal to negotiate and be prepared for any question, you should mention what is your added value, that is, in what way your product or service will generate value to the client to cover your need.

Doubts, questions, and objections

Even if you are sure that you will present your best proposal, you should always be one step ahead. Your client will ask you questions and have doubts; and you should be prepared to answer them. Take the time to think about what questions could be asked, even the most outlandish ones, and prepare your answers.

Be patient and lose your grief

Whether you are dealing with a manager or with the CEO of the company, you must be confident and remember that, just like you, they are enterprising human beings who also seek the best for your business. After presenting your proposal, be patient and of space and time to your client to analyze your offer.

Now, after these tips we will also share what are the best places to close a successful business in the city of Monterrey.

One of the most common places to achieve excellent negotiation is on a golf course, because it allows you to breathe fresh air and disconnect for a while from the office. It is a space that also lets you know your client without inhibitions and shows personality traits such as your temperament, level of tolerance, your level of competitiveness and the way you react to certain situations. Golf courses in Monterrey, such as Las Aves, Las Misiones or La Herradura Golf Club, will be an excellent option to close your next business.

Another recommended place for a negotiation is a good restaurant. We recommend a meeting with your next clients in places like Pangea, El Gran Pastor or La Embajada, because they are the best restaurants in Monterrey for a business lunch or dinner.

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