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Typical Dishes That Can’t be Missed in Monterrey

November 02, 2016

Monterrey’s food is one of the most delicious in the country, it is distinguished for using a lot of beef, goat and pig, because of the early development of the farming industry. Its gastronomic roots are based in three main cultures: Spanish, Jewish and Tlaxcalteca. We have compiled the typical dished that can’t be missed when visiting Monterrey.

Dried meat
Created by the Tlaxcalteca, it is considered one of the most important regional food. It was invented due to the necessity of conserving food from the city’s hot weather. The beef was dried in the sun, after being marinated with salt and another species. This food will always been found in the tables of the regios.

Of Spanish origins, it was created in the time of the Conquest, the cabrito was only eaten by the Spaniards. Its preparation has a significant Jewish, Spanish and indigenous influence.

Its name originates from its way of preparation: the meat is struck with metal or stone. It was previously used by the Tlaxcalan warriors when having to travel long distances. Nowadays, this food is combined with other ingredients, like egg and vegetables.

Foods derived from milk are also delicious in this destination. You will find exquisite cheeses, the renowned “Glorias”, milk burnt candy with walnut and custard. Another unforgettable dessert is the bread of Bustamante, made with wheat flour and piloncillo, frosted with anise, cinnamon and cocoa.

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